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A set of 1 Perfumed Oil 60ml and 1 Bath Oil 60ml with essence infused coconut oil to soothe and unwind skin, perfect for bathing rituals and relaxation. Let your preoccupations and stress dissolve and allow yourself to be enveloped by the calming serenity of dreamy aromas to purify mind, body and spirit. Its hydrating properties nourish skin leaving it soft, supple and luminous.


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Perfumed Oil 60ml
Bath Oil 60ml
  • Flor de Mayo (Frangipani)
    Flor de Naranjo (Orange blossom)
    Rosas Frescas (Fresh rose petals)
    Rosas Secas (Dry roses and tobacco leaves)
    Coco Coco (Coconut)
    Tabaco (Tobacco leaves)
    Agave (Tropical agave)
    Maderas (Tropical woods)

    Fleurs des Iles (Tiare, pitate, tipanier)
    Sancoco (Sandalwood and Coconut)
    Saylti (Sandalwood, ylang ylang and tipanier)
    Vancopam (Vanilla, coconut and grapefruit)